MUVP Carnival 2012

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MUVP Carnival

Carnival, the very sound of the word evokes images of colorful balloons drifting in the wind as eager children rush around in excitement. This was the very sense excitement that was created on the _____ of July at Monash University.

Organized by the Monash University Volunteering Program (MUVP), the event was aimed at giving the kids of three different orphanages the ultimate carnival experience. MUVP’s carnival was set against the backdrop of the university’s expansive foyer. Game stations were set up, representing basic carnival type games such Penalty Shootout and Balloon Walk. In terms of bringing the spirit of a carnival, the decorations were at optimum level. Balloons in every color adorned all the gaming booths and buntings crisscrossed the ceiling along with colorful drapery of ribbons. Metallic confetti was scattered across all the dining tables, the icing on the cake definitely had to be the popcorn machine that spewed out ample amounts of salted or caramelized popcorn. 
The basic gist of the carnival was that the team with the most points after completing all the games would win the entire event.
 The day began with the registration of the children. Around 60 kids were invited from City Revival Children’s Home, St Barnabas Community Center and Rumah Keluarga Kami.
Once registered the children were divided into groups and they were given a small ice breaking task that would allow the kids to get to know their team mates a little better. Once acquainted, a little dancing was in order as a few children took to the stage and gave everyone a performance that was truly memorable.
With the smell of freshly popped popcorn wafting in the air, the emcee gave the green light. In a swift flash, all the teams rushed to the games and began taking part in what turned out to be a highly interesting event for a casual onlooker. Kids were hopping, kicking, jumping, running and throwing in hopes of winning the coveted first place. A photo booth was set up with props that belonged in a vintage thrift store; this led to a multitude of brilliant photo opportunities.
After a good two hours of intense participating and popcorn munching, the bell was rung and the gaming portion of the carnival came to a halt. But the fun was far from over. Once everyone returned to their tables, lunch was ready to be served.  Lunch comprised of local delicacies and a refreshing yoghurt drink.
After everyone had eaten to their heart’s content it was time to reveal the winners of the Carnival. After much deliberation, a draw was reached between two teams and it was decided that a tie breaker should involve the penalty shootout game. After obtaining goals that would subdue Beckham to shame, one group attained the most number of goals and was declared the winner of the MUVP Carnival.
Once the prizes were given out to everyone, it was time to say goodbye to their smiling faces. However, before the kids left, they dedicated a song to MUVP and recited a melody of thanks.
This marvelous event could nt have been possible without the tireless efforts of the MUVP Carnival committee and other members of MUVP. Special thanks also go out to the companies that helped sponsor the event, namely Colgate and Palmolive, Spotlite and Magnolia.

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