MUVP Volunteer Briefing Session 2012

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Volunteer Briefing Session

MUVP Briefing Session 2012
Each semester around 180 new volunteers join MUVP, all eager to help out in the many NGO’s that are partnered with MUVP.
However, before these students begin their volunteering duties a few things needed to be said and volunteering groups had to be allocated.
 The volunteer briefing session is more or less an orientation session that introduces new volunteers to their NGO liaison officers, committee members and other fellow volunteers. Those students who signed up were screened by committee members based on the applicant’s preferences and past experiences. After this was done, an email was sent to all volunteers that made the cut, which invited them to the briefing session and grouped them into various NGO’s.
Before the activities began, volunteers were required to sign up at their allocated NGO and they were then handed a volunteer briefing packet which contained general information about MUVP and the volunteer code of conduct.
After this was done all the students were seated according to their NGO’s and the briefing session began. MUVP Coordinator, Lim Yuyi began by giving a brief introduction to MUVP and welcoming all the new volunteers and returning volunteers to a new semester. This was then followed by a quick speech by a guest speaker from the MyKasih foundation, Ms.Shafinaz and also Mr.Brian from Teach for Malaysia  After a quick Q&A session, the NGO liaison officers began to individually introduce themselves to the volunteers and informed them that they would be in charge of their time at MUVP. Times, dates and other such details were discussed, after everything was confirmed and agreed upon, the volunteers had to fill out a disclaimer that basically stated that they had understood all the rules, regulations and other such particulars.
Once all details were covered the volunteers were free to go and the briefing session officially ended, and hopefully a fruitful semester would begin for all volunteers.

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