MUVP Volunteer Briefing Session 2011

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Volunteer Briefing Session

On the fourth of August, MUVP received the new volunteers for the semester for their briefing session. On the agenda highlighting the importance of adhering to guidelines and raising awareness of the rules and requirements.

The new recruits were welcomed by the committee who was ready and awaiting them and the formal registration process began. Slowly but steadily the nearly 200 volunteers were processed after which they made their way to the seats in the hall to await the presentation.

The presentation began by listing the points of contact for the volunteer’s reference and then the full list of NGO’s was shown. Following this was a photo montage of past events which ended in a cheerful video courtesy of a fellow committee member which consisted of clips and interviews from past members.

An introduction to the volunteering packet was also given and the importance of international student’s insurance cards was emphasized.

The remainder of the session focused on the general rules and regulations for the volunteers, which included behavior while volunteering, dress code as well as the attendance clause to name a few.

After the presentation concluded volunteers were directed to their relevant NGO Liaison Officers where they were then introduced to their other fellow volunteers as well as the focal points; who were in charge of transporting them to and from the NGO sites.

All in all the briefing session was carried out without a hitch and judging by the past 11 week’s performance the volunteers not only adhered to the rules discussed they also enjoyed the work they did.

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