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MUVP Mini Race 2011

They say that nothing in this world is more pure than the innocent laughter of a child.
On the morning of July 30th, Monash University Sunway Campus was overflowing with the joyous sounds of 54 young children enjoying themselves at the MUVP Mini Race.

Sprawled across the foyer, the Mini Race comprised of eight games and was essentially a small scale version of the Amazing Race. The children were divided into nine groups and would visit each game station, complete the challenge and move onto the next game vying to be the first group to successfully finish all eight games.Games included fishing paper fishes with magnets, bowling, ping pong balancing, and Pictionary to name a few. All of these were met with sheer joy as the kids attempted to complete them.
The event utilized all 23 of MUVP’s committee members and 48 additional volunteers to man the game stations, helping and encouraging the children to accomplish tasks. All in all, the volunteers enjoyed working with the kids, and the kids loved all the attention that they were getting.
Lunch was served after all teams finished the games, and consisted of Fried Rice, Hot Dogs, Orange juice and various other snacks that the kids enjoyed.
No one went home empty handed as the young competitors received gift hampers courtesy of BIC, the event’s sponsor.

The kids came from various homes which MUVP works closely with, these include;Rumah Hope, Precious Children’s Home and Praise Emmanuel Children’s Home.
Once every week, an assigned group of volunteers from MUVP visits each of these organizations and helps with general day to day activities, fostering a healthy relationship which is essential in the lives of these underprivileged children.

MUVP strives to make a difference in the lives of those that are not fortunate, organizing events like the Mini Race gives such individuals hope and shows them that there are people who care about their well being.

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