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By Renga Sesinyi



What a week! The students of Monash University and Sunway College University woke up to the next biggest community project yet – to paint a Community Centre all the way in Batu Caves, Selayang, in just FIVE working days.

What a challenge that surely was. However, the response was excellent as 9 students from both universities in the Bandar Sunway street pitched up ready to paint afresh and get their hands dirty all in all to show that indeed the youth can and do desire to give back to their community.

Organised by the Mykasih Foundation and the Monash University Volunteer Program (MUVP), Operation “The PSPK Beautification Project” kick-started on Monday, March 14th and continued on Thursday March 17th and Sunday, March 20th 2010.  The painting project was a helping hand to the Pertubuhan Perkhidmatan Sosial Dan Pembangunan Daerah Gombak, Selangor Association of Social Services and Community Development of Gombak Districk Selangor (PSPK); which had a plot in desperate need of some touch ups prior to the official launch of the Mykasih-PSPK Tuition Program.

The project was divided into two main phases. Phase 1 was called Operation Cover Paint, which basically had the aim to cover-coat the outside and inside walls with a fresh and vibrant new paint cover.  Being the key part of any paint job, Phase 1 was successfully completed in order to have prepared the Community Centre as soon as was possible before the end of the week.  Phase 2 was code named Operation: Decor, which had the task to come up with decorations to further brighten up the Community Centre in order to appeal to the children who would benefit from the tuition program.  With the clock ticking away, the students put their heart into the big challenge, and finally managed to complete Phase 1.

The effort to make the project come to pass was evident in the attitudes of all the students who participated. With some having some strong words to share on what this project meant to them.

“I decided it was time to give some of my time towards people who were a little less fortunate that as I have been.” said Sheng Feixiang Lim, a Malaysian student of the Monash University Business and Commerce school. “Looking at the before and after job just breathes satisfaction all round” he went on to add.

Indonesian Monash Business student, Angel Merzalia, had a few words to add to that. “ Since I have some time to spare, I thought it will be better for me to spend it in a way that will benefit people around me and the community.”

Mylene Pacot, an intercampus exchange student in Monash from France, also shared the same call to serve. “I did the program because I think education is the most important thing you can bring to a child. And offering a good education to all is the key to create a more equal society.”

Phase 2 of the project would later incorporate Monash University students and children from the surrounding community in order to give the children a chance to make their mark on the Centre for the many years of teaching and learning to come.

With clothing checkered in paints of blues, greens whites and some reds, the students said that they got all the rewards they had hoped for.

“HAHA. I like painting and it made me feel good being able to watch the progress,” said the business Chui Ting Chan of Monash University.

“It made me feel happy because I was able to help and make come contribution to the community and also I feel proud of myself.” said Angel.

Mylene also had her own sense of achievement to testify to.

“After having painted the wall, I felt I had done something meaningful for the society and useful for the kids” said the French Monash exchange student.

The Monash University Volunteer Program (MUVP) is a student founded and run organisation with strong goals to encourage the spirit of volunteerism, awareness and action among students of Monash University. Being the first of its kind to make such an impact to the Monash community, the organisation drafts willing students to use their skills and passion to help NGOs in their various community projects which range from teaching, daycare, donation drives and food kitchen assistance, administrative and marketing research projects; to even animal care.

Composed of a diversity of local and international students from the surrounding nations of Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Australasia, the organisation which includes the executive committee and active volunteers , has doubled in numbers since its founding in March 2010. Bursting with over 150 students already. And the volunteer opportunities just keep getting deeper and reaching further. MUVP is currently working with the Mykasih Foundation, the Muhajirin Rohingya Education Centre, Pertiwi Soup Kitchen, Kechara Soup Kitchen, Zoo Negara Malaysia, Women’s Aid Organisation, Childline Malaysia, Shelter Home for Children, Dignity & Services, Agatha Shelter, and OrphanCARE.

For more information on the various community projects undertaken by the Monash University Volunteer Program (MUVP), visit their website at



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