MUVP- A Campus Pride

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MUVP - A Campus Pride

When it comes to making a difference in the community we live in, the socially-conscious Monash University students are quickly learning the ropes.

The Monash University Volunteer Program (MUVP) understands that for non-governmental organisations to successfully execute community programs, they need capable volunteers to assist them.

This is why MUVP has a Non-Governmental Organisational Collaboration (NGOC) Division which provides assistance to partner NGOs in terms of administrative work, marketing and promotions, and technological services.

MUVP member Renga Sesinyi explains that the other division of MUVP - Community Development – includes direct access to target communities MUVP and partner NGOs work.

These projects, she explained, may be weekly or project-based activities conducted over one semester.

Since its inception a year ago, MUVP has organised valuable events such as the Monash Fiesta, where 60 children living with autism from the National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM) visited the Sunway campus and participated in games and cartoon screenings with volunteers.

“We wanted to provide an opportunity for autistic children to engage in a community setting and improve crucial social skills in a safe and contained environment,” volunteer Sarah Rostam had said, adding that the event had turned out better than expected.

In just a year, MUVP has helped various NGOs in different community projects – from donation drives to organising charity kitchens.

Donations were collected and channeled to vulnerable communities such as children living in shelter homes, the Orang Asli settlements and the Burmese Mang Tha and Rohingya refugee communities.

“We are even reaching out to the animals at the National Zoo, where a group of MUVP members spend a free Saturday every month helping the crew at the zoo clean and clear the area. We’re helping the animals while also having fun connecting with them,” Sabrina Gill, a MUVP member, said.

The MUVP was founded and is wholly run by students of Monash University Sunway campus. Their goal is simple but strong; to encourage the spirit of volunteerism, awareness and action among the students.

The volunteers of MUVP are made up of students from all six Schools - Arts and Social Sciences, Business, Engineering, Information Technology, Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences, and Science – who each share the campus’ vision of giving back to society.

As they make the world a better place, they are also in the serious business of having fun. MUVP members recently organised a Grill Nite to let their hair down and mingle with new members, while exchanging volunteer stories and brainstorming new activities for the year.

“It was a great networking session and we also watched movies during the grill. It was a successful event despite the rain,” Sabrina recalled.

This year, MUVP will continue to collaborate with more NGOs such as Kechara Soup Kitchen, Pertiwi Soup Kitchen, Childline Malaysia, OrphanCare, MyKasih, Agatha Shelter and Muhajirin Rohingya Education Centre.



An article written by Michelle Kiob on 15 April 2011@

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