MUVP Volunteer Briefing Session

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The Monash University Volunteer Program (MUVP) aims to contribute to the Malaysian community by employing the practice of volunteerism. Established in July 2010, MUVP is in its infancy nevertheless boasting an enthusiastic and committed team of individuals determined to spread ‘Volunteerism’!

For the new semester, MUVP launched its online application system, on the 21st of February (a week before Semester 1, 2011 commenced). Monash students were made aware of the program through the distribution of posters, flyers and brochures around the university. Members of the Publicity faction of MUVP organized ‘lecture bashing’ sessions whereby a five-minute presentation of what MUVP entails, the volunteer experience and opportunities it can provide for young people. A booth was set up during orientation week as well as the first week of the semester. Monash students were informed, made aware and encouraged to apply for the program. And of course, MUVPs Facebook page was also used to reach a number of students, with rapid updates regarding the volunteer process and other relevant information.

With effective and successful publicity, MUVP now has 130 volunteers (compared to 50-60 volunteers last year) to volunteer alongside 11 NGOs. As a result of the dedicated and hard-working committee members and volunteers, MUVP continues to expand as an important entity within Monash University.

In order to welcome the new volunteers for Semester 1 2011, a volunteer briefing session was held on the 10th of March. Volunteers were introduced to committee members, familiarised with the Volunteer code of conduct, and assigned to their respective NGOs. NGOs currently working with MUVP are Malaysian National Zoo,  Kechara Food Kitchen,Pertiwi Soup Kitchen,Childline, Dignity,Shelter,WAO, Orphan Care, Muhajirin Rohingya Education Centre,Agatha Shelter and MyKasih (Further information about the NGOs can be found under ‘NGO’ on our website). Volunteers were provided information regarding respective NGOs and what type of volunteer work the NGOs required. In addition, Ms. Shafinaz, a Monash graduate herself, now commits herself to volunteer work at Mykasih, graced the event with her presence. She spoke to volunteers about what volunteering requires, the challenges that volunteers face and the reason as to why she decided to participate in volunteer work herself. All in all, the volunteer briefing went smoothly, devoid of any chaos.

MUVP promotes altruistic values, believes in hard work and dedication. This aspiring and devoted team of individuals are passionate about what they aim to do, and that is to contribute to society in every way they know and can.



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