The MUVP Charity Collection Drive

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From the 17th of May 2010 till the 21sy of May 2010, the Monash University Volunteer Program team launched the first acvtivity, 'THE MUVP CHARITY COLLECTION DRIVE' that involved students buying and giving away various things brand new or that they did not need anymore respectively, and placing these things in the collection boxes that were placed in strategicaly designated areas in the Monash University Sunway Campus.was the response from the receiving party of the donations

Updates on responses came from far and wide and one of the receiving part was from Mang Tha. They had an open day at the center for the women to pick stuff for their families. The coordinator & volunteer from Mang Tha described it as a crazy and happy moment!

Other beneficiaries of the Charity Collection include Children from Shelter, that is a voluntary welfare organization for children and teenagers who have been abandoned, neglected, orphaned or abused.

Half the boxes went to the Center for Orang Asli Concerns to be distributed at the villages, and the other half went to Mang Tha, the refugee group in KL.

Sze Ning, Field coordinator and representative from Elevyn (Mother for Fair Trade), who was present at the hand over of the boxes says "Both organization send their thanks to MUVP.".

Sze Ning further descruibes, saying "Some of the women who arrived early were choosing some clothes (which were in really good condition!). They were so happy. Most of them (they explained to me) can't afford to buy clothes as most of their income is spent on food and rent. When they came to Malaysia, all they had were the clothes they were wearing and only 1 extra set - because the journey is very difficult and dangerous."

Unfortunatley we could not capture the happiness that morning to share with all of you who contributed to the sucess of the drive and those who worked hard to collect the clothes.

A big thank you to the MUVP team and everyone who made the drive a success and decided to make a differnece in some one elses life


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